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Cylindrical panoramas

by Erik Krause

All panoramas on this page were taken between 2002 and 2008 with Canon cameras (EOS 5, EOS 50 and EOS 600) on analog film, partly on slide film but mainly on color negative film, and scanned with a Nikon LS-40 film scanner. PTGui was used for stitching. Post-processing was done in Photoshop.

the alps

The alps offer marvelous possibilities for panoramas and fortunately it is not very far to drive for me. Normally I'm there for climbing but autumn 2004 I took the opportunity to spend a whole weekend for photography only.
panorama of the alps from the black forest Belchen at sunset
I was late for this shot because the new cable car didn't work and I had to push my son and the photo equipment in the baby carriage up the frozen Belchen street.

View from the Nufenen pass to the bernese alps
A beautiful day in late autumn makes the bernese alps with the Finsteraarhorn look very close

Mountains around Albert-Heim-Hütte
Sunrise at the Albert-Heim-Hütte. The glacier is usually a bit muddy at the end of summer but first snow the week before made it bright white again.

Grimsel lake with Hospiz
From the Oberaar road you get this view down on the Grimsel Hospiz and the Grimsel dam

Evening over Gletsch
Shadows cover Gletsch while the surrounding mountains ar still in warm late afternoon sunlight.

Grimsel lake with Eldorado
On the opposite shore of the Grimsel lake rises Eldorado - my favourite climbing area

sunrise at Oberaar lake (1)
The sun touches the Finsteraarhorn summit first...

sunrise at Oberaar lake (2)

It rained a bit out of thick fog in Zürich. Not until the end of the Walensee there was a glance of blue sky above the fog. From Tannenboden, high above the Walensee, there was this beautiful panorama of the Churfirsten.


The Kaiserstuhl accommodates my preference for wide, open landscapes. Hence it is sort of my photographic home zone.
Late autumn at the Kaiserstuhl. The vines are harvested. From the Rhine plain the fog penetrates into the valley.

Snow is relatively rare at Kaiserstuhl, one of the warmest places in Germany.

A winter day with a clear view of the Black Forest.

One of the most beautiful vantage points in Kaiserstuhl was occupied on this spring day by a wine tasting at a local winery.

The summer has already yellowed the orchid-rich dry grasslands at Badberg.

The Badberg was once only used as a pasture - it is too dry for winegrowing.


The Cordillera Blance seen from the Cordillera Negra
Shot by Antonio Simangas: The impressive chain of the northern Cordillera Blance seen from the Cordillera Negra just above Huaraz.

Thunderstorms over the Black Forest
There are several gorgeous mushroom-shaped thunderstorm clouds over the Black Forest mountains while there is almost tropical heat on Tuniberg.

La Crueize

Each year since 2004 we where happy to spend our holiday in this lovely gîte in the cevennes...
The houses in the late afternoon
The right house is the holiday home.

The pigs in the meadow
Once a week or - like here - if one pig must be separated from the others the pigs are allowed to graze in the meadow.

Das Wohnzimmer - The living room

Die Küche - The Kitchen

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